Loyalty Program

With the move to our new facility we are pleased to announce Bethel Power's Customer Loyalty Program. We have made it extremely simple with great value. No fees to join and no paperwork! To reward our loyal customers, we are offering lifetime discounted service, currently 15%, on any piece of power equipment you buy from us.

That is worth repeating. If you buy a machine from us, you will become a member of our Loyalty Club and receive lifetime discounted service on that unit for as long as you own it. For customers who have purchased units from us in the past, we will honor the discounted service rate on past purchases a well.

All units must be registered as sold from Bethel Power. We register every unit sold from Bethel Power for our customers with the manufacturer. We reserve the right to check and reject any unit for membership not registered as sold by us on a manufacturer's website.

We sell quality brands, some of which can be purchased elsewhere. We will check a unit's status, and if there is any doubt as to where the unit was purchased, our decision on earning Bethel Power Customer Loyalty discounts is final and not subject to debate. A Bethel Power Invoice will always be proof of purchase.