Bethel Power Equipment prides itself in delivering the highest quality Service available. Our technicians are factory trained and certified on every manufacturer's brand we sell and most popular engine brands. Unlike other area power shops, we service not only the equipment we sell, but all makes and models of 2-cycle and 4-cycle power equipment. Hence our motto: "We sell the best and service the rest".

Our technicians have great skills and are regularly recognized by our manufacturers (Exmark Turf Star dealer, ECHO Signature Dealer, Stihl Gold Level Mechanic Certification).

What sets Bethel Power Equipment apart from every other shop is our ability to work, as a skilled team, to deliver expert repairs on all equipment very quickly. In almost all instances of service repairs, while other shops measure service times in weeks, we measure in days. If a loyal commercial customer needs an immediate repair, our reputation for going the extra mile and getting the equipment back on the job, working, is second to none. There are peak times in every season but Bethel Power regularly services and repairs your equipment superbly and in record time. Just ask one of our many commercial customers who have experienced mower down time in May or a broken plow in the middle of a snowstorm in January.

We guarantee our repairs for 30 days. If we don't fix it right, we will make it right. We will fix the original repair, at our own expense, if we failed to fix it correctly the first time.

Many pieces of equipment come in because they won't start and the number one reason is "bad" gas. Let me explain: Today's gas contains ethanol and ethanol chemically attracts water. Gas and mixed gas (2-cycle) when allowed to sit for 4-6 weeks can attract enough water to literally float the gas on top of attracted water in a carburetor and prevent ignition. Studies have shown a 5 gallon can of gas can attract 12oz (a soda can) of water in a single month. In addition, the volatile components of today's gas evaporate in about 6 weeks. So you should run the gas out of your equipment if you are not planning to use it for a month and certainly run the gas out after the season, before putting it away for storage. This rule is especially true for 2-cycle equipment, where the emissions standards and small size make them especially vulnerable to this problem.

Please note our recommendation for your gas is:

1. Buy only what you can use for 1 month.

2. After a month pour any unused gasoline (mixed or not mixed) into your car or truck and use it. This is a environmentally friendly way to dispose of older gas. The oil won't harm your engine and it does not waste a drop.

3. Buy fresh gas (middle grade or 89+ Octane) for use the next month.

4. At the end of a season run the piece of equipment dry and store properly. Examples; snow blowers should not be stored through the spring and summer with gas in them or if you don't plan on using your chain saw for a month run the gas out of it before putting it away.

In addition, we offer to diagnose most, but not all, equipment for free. If a piece of equipment is not worth repairing, we will let you know promptly. Customers that purchase new equipment from Bethel Power will be offered free disposal of their old equipment as well. All new equipment purchases are setup and tested for free, unlike big box stores that sell you power equipment in a box and expect you to devote time and effort in setting up your own machine.

We offer pickup and delivery service to all area towns. For repairs there is a fee for pickup & delivery but for new equipment purchases, such as tractors, large lawn mowers, Muck Truck wheelbarrows, etc the delivery is free.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Bethel Power Equipment is certified to work on the following manufacturer's engines :

Briggs & Stratton Honda Kawasaki
Kohler Subaru Tecumseh

We are authorized for warranty work on everything we sell and many other makes and models too.